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We are always at the end of the line for a one to one IT personal experience.

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Single point of contact for all IT demands

Our team are a single point of contact for all your IT needs, for a complete IT solution provider that creates a “joint thinking – joint action” with third party suppliers and providers.

Vendors Independent Platforms

We have access to multiple vendors and suppliers so we will not give you best solution based on best margins,
but rather on best value, local presence and quick turn around time frame.

Fast and customised resolution

We operate ICT support solutions via telephone,helpdesk,remote access and on-site call out, to resolve your issue with no panic and minimum downtime for your staff and network.

Our story …

 Today is the future of Yesterday and the past for Tomorrow …

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Although we are an IT company, our story is primarily about people, team, relationships and passion. Computers, servers, software and IT equipment are the passion of our team.

We grew with the number of customers and orders, and customer satisfaction was our greatest reward.  Backed-up by a team of three people, we have renewed the promise to deliver our professional services with the same enthusiasm but now doubled by the experience, for as many of you as possible

Our main goal is to assure our customers are happy and to makes us continue in difficult times.

We have continued to remain faithful to our belief in being always at the the of the phone line, providing IT services at standards that exceed your expectations and with a personal touch and dedication.


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We can direct you to correct section, with customized IT solutions that answer your questions

Home Office

Complete IT assistance to keep an efficient productivity  between your life and work challenging styles … self employed,freelancer or just working from home, we want you as a partner.

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Schools and Colleges

Managed ICT Solutions and services to balance “books versus technology” for our pupils and teachers… embracing interactivity human vs technology,we can assist you with PDST Digital framework.

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Small Business

If you own or run a business, we can look after your IT culture while you take care of valuable business processes… we will friendly become your IT Manager and look after your staff and networks.

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Why choose to work with us…

Trust – Commitment – Communication – Simple Language – Cost Effective – Flexibility


We keep our promisses and complete the agreed deals.”Gentleman’s word” is a powerful and rewarding pleasure.


We keep up to date with technology  while being comitted on recomending best solution that fits your current IT culture.

Future proofing

Extending life cycle by quality, IT should become an asset for the business and not a liability.

Simple Language

We have an attitude towards KISS practice and keep all aspects of our work in plain simple english.


Once work completed,we will make sure that we transferred ownership,back in to your own hands.

Cost Effective

We will asses and recomend best solution but always implement your agreed solution.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

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