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We want to share some of our IT Services and solutions that we are confident it will assist your organisation.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand some of the technical terms, this is what our “hands-on” experience brings at the table and, please be assured that even us don’t excel in your area of expertise, not that we need to…

But we promise we will keep it simple and professional on our way to achieve optimum result for both of us.


Why choose to work with us…

Trust – Commitment – Communication – Simple Language – Cost Effective – Flexibility


We keep our promisses and complete the agreed deals.”Gentleman’s word” is a powerful and rewarding pleasure.


We keep up to date with technology  while being comitted on recomending best solution that fits your current IT culture.

Future proofing

Extending life cycle by quality, IT should become an asset for the business and not a liability.

Simple Language

We have an attitude towards KISS practice and keep all aspects of our work in plain simple english.


Once work completed,we will make sure that we transferred ownership,back in to your own hands.

Cost Effective

We will asses and recomend best solution but always implement your agreed solution.

Complete Physical & Logical Networks

Microsoft Windows Operating Systems devices and multi vendor hardware platform – our architecture design for your today and tomorrow’s office …

We can supply,implement and support a complete Microsoft based environment,from hardware to software,in accordance with your business requirements, staff needs and available budget.

Microsoft Business Solutions

TO build a list with ALL Microsoft solutions, onsite, hybrid or cloud based,  by solution AND not by product …

Multi Vendor Hardware Platforms

Due to a challenging and dynamic hardware market, we need to have access to major hardware vendors to benefit from best platforms at the most cost effective balance and pass that to you.

Our team has the necesary experience in the support of solutions provided across multi-vendors. We can provide you as part of our maintenance, with one contract for multiple support agreements, enabling clients to take advantage of a single supplier and a single point of contact for all equipment.

Managed Printing / Copying Solutions

When you have existing printers you’ve already bought and paid for, it’s tempting to think that maintaining your existing devices will cost less than purchasing new printers or outsourcing to a managed solution provider.

Our team can work with your staff and deploy managed printers and copiers, setup on the network with user IDs private printing and train on best practice to avoid wastage while, as your single point of contact,we work with the equipment supplier to assure a good running and periodical maintenance.

Structured CAT Cabling

Sometimes,cabling could be hard to work with,especially if not labelled and you cannot explain why there is no physical connection or worse,why whole network just went to a stand still while lights on the switch are flashing in a funny way,

Either horizontal or vertical structed cabling, our team can provide:

  • design,procurement and installation of all CAT type cabling;
  • design and installation of all type of cabinets,wall sockets,patch panels and cabling anagement;
  • testing,identifying,eLabelling existing cabling / access cabinets.
  • cleaning and managing existing racking cabinets.

Data Management, Backup, & Recovery

Right there,after staff, data is the most important asset any organisation own. As business grows naturally, data loses ownership and could grow out of control,space and scope,creating complex difficulties in event of backup /recovery, wrong versioning and digital rights.

We understand the works of this important and delicate management process. We can implement different tailored solutions that guarantee data access, integrity and availability in order to assist with your strategic decisions and day-to-day operations.

Data storage / archiving / ownership

Any business or human processes creates and uses data,inside or outside the network.

Once the data is created,you as the owner of that data need to be sure is available,safe,secure and reliable.

Data access policies can be implemented on local server shared drives,on the general shared or personal drives. Same,with data stored on the cloud based solutions,you will need to configure access and accounting for any data that leaves your physical and logical boundary.

Complete "endpoint" Managed Security

Data protection starts at the source and ends at the destination.It has to be secured and monitored both ways, WAN to LAN and LAN to WAN.

We can asses your current business physical and logical setup, design and implement a three layers end to end managed security,starting with emails, gateway, servers, computers and mobile devices.


Managed Backup and Data Recovery

When is the last time that you have checked the backup logs ,when is the last email you’ve received that your backup / verification and restore completed sucesfully !?

We can asses your setup and design a proper backup solution that works every 2 hours,every day ,every week.It stores your valuable data and system data in a local based HDD,NAS or could be located in a cloud based EU datacentre.

Portable Devices protection and encryption

If your company have portable devices used by staff outside the physical boundary,then is highly advisable to implement full hard drive encryption in order to assure data staf safe and encrypted in the event of hardware theft or loss.

We can implement a managed encryption solution that can exceed GDPR regulations in relation to data protection guidelines.

Virtualisation Solutions

We can asses your current environment and advise you if you can migrate some of your servers on to virtualisation process, be it P2V or V2V.

For temporarily migrations or for testing reasons,a virtual server can run a multitude of options to keep your project safe,fast ,cost effective and flexible.

IT Audit

We can run a comprehensive audit on your local network and present you with a report that covers hardware and software assets,security policies and network topology.

Network & Connectivity

A network is the “logical and physical road” through which your devices talks internal and external, making it an important part of our services and monitored to ensure no bottlenecks, optimised access and always availability.

We can assess, design and implement any type of networks, wired or wireless and make sure is running at the optimal parameters in accordance with your needs,external supplier services and uncompromissing security for your internal devices,assets and data.

Internet Access,Broadband

Access to broadband is a basic utility these days, for every business that wants to operate in the curent climate. It could be shaped in different performance based suppliers, type of connections, prices and contracts.

As a single point of contact,we will engage your broadband service provider and work with them as your appointed Technical Consultant to resolve any downtime,speed issues or make sure you are on the appropiate business plan.

We can work on your behalf and order,upgrade, maintain,optimise,create failover and dual links for core services, browsing, email, remote access are online and accessible when needed.


VPN Links

Not a single day passes when a staff member needs to be connected back in the office for accesing that document saved on the server and / or to reply to that early email.

By allowing us to enable VPN services for your organisation, you have your physical network available anywhere anytime, empowering your staff to work confidently and highly secure with your data,located in office, shared with all staff, on the same versioning and with approved folder structure format.

Not lastly, a remote worker will need our customised VPN solution to safely and secure connect using public available networks to access business and / or personal online based content.

Work on the Road

We can customise a technical solution for any staff member and any device* so that access could be enabled,safe and secure through public networks.

We will work with you and your staff members to make sure that we build the technical solution to accomodate their working style and mitigate technical factors with enforcing IT policies.

Staff will have access to all internal resources,hardware and software,printers and applications,while maintaining same IT policy and permissions.

Managed Wireless solutions

Wireless have becomed a comodity enabling all mobiel portable devices to roam free in and out of the office and around the office building.

We can run an audit,check background wireless spectrum,create a “noise diagram report” and work with you on options. If agreed,we will install in optimal locations, managing “capacity and coverage” while not sacryficing security for internal resources.

We can suggest multiple networks,each assigned for a dedicated purpose, access and policies so that, let’s say, your visitors arriving in your office cannot access unauthorised resources and / or have access to internal network settings.

Cloud Based Intelligent Solutions

Cloud Computing are gaining momentum across business people ,as a popular way of providing IT services via a cloud-based solutions.
A major difference of this type of solutions is the understanding of “TCO and ROI” of local servers, licences or applications against a complete at key solution, which charge you every year for a service owned by the provider.

Our team can asses,listen and provide a end to end migration that can take in consideration a solution for either public,  private or hybrid cloud intelligence.

SAAS - IAAS Platforms

Part of Intelligent Cloud Computing based services,our team has access to a series of vendors that offer solutions that can enhance and secure your internal network, increase business presence, guarantee accessibility.

Running a no commitment audit, we can provide you with best solution to migrate and/or to use external services.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is the same Office Applications you know and use every day on your office computer or laptop. As Office 365 is powered by the Microsoft own’ cloud, you can access your applications and files from virtually anywhere, on any type of device with only a decent internet connection. Email for your users, shared calendaring and conferencing enable any staff members to be together with real time audio / video / sharing.
Applications are always up to date, because features installs automatically,without user intervention.

Our team can take your current setup and migrate it to O365, within a decent time frame and with minimum downtime, even if it means working weekends and hollidays.

Google Apps for Business

Communicating with customers and potential customers is key to your business and using GA from Google,you are benefiting with a suite of online tools that are ready for business, including email, a calendar and documents.

Our team can take your current setup and migrate it to GA, within a decent time frame and with minimum downtime, even if it means working weekends and hollidays.

IT Support Maintenance Services

Based on past experience,we are aware of the strategic importance of your IT systems & applications and also,the stress experienced when things are going the wrong way.

We want to supply the best experience in the sector and the fastest & always present response times. We set our clients top of the priority list and we are pride with our way of operating when needed, with impeccable services and the proven record that we work very smart and hard.

We are open when you are working, reachable via Free Phone number,mobile number ,email, helpdesk or live chat, our team works with you and for you.

IT Maintenance Contract / SLAs

We set our mission to avoid and mitigate the downtimes providing support solutions,taking over managing of the IT  running day by day and to assure online keeping, as part of our SLA .

With our pro-active maintenance solution, we can assure maximum running while you can concentrate in developing your business.

We are open when you are working, reachable via FreePhone number,mobile number ,email, helpdesk or live chat, our team works for you with you.

We don’t employ third parties contractors and as a single point of contact, we “joint thinking – joint action” on your behalf with all providers.

We guarante repair times and quality of our services… if you are not satisfied by soem reasons, then don’t pay our invoice until you’re happy.

Call Out / Reactive call
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Remote Support

We well known that your time is very important and every minute of downtime brings losses to company and increases frustration for end users.That is why we are using top in class Remote Support that reduces any lost time until diagnostic/remediation/repair done.

Using Remote Support we can connect,diagnose and most likely resolve the incident without calling out in your premises.This brings the combined advantage of low costs for both of us and satisfaction for end users.

In order to use this service we will need to access your device via a present working internet connection.In absence of online,we will have to work around and look at alternatives forms of enabling remote support,if possible.


proActive Monitoring Health Dashboard

The remote monitoring and management solution worth its salt needs to provide complete visibility to engineers, yet it also needs to be easy to use. The system should enable you stay on top of everything in near real-time so we can prevent issues when the customers may not be aware of them.

Our solution once properly implemented, provides alerts and reports via emails or SMS messages from sensors monitoring all your devices, so we can maintain up time in even the most chaotic IT environments.

Upom receiving those alerts and events from your infrastructure , we work in resolving, pro actively and with minimum downtime for your business.

How We work with Your IT needs and requests

Step One

Assess and analyse current working IT culture,creating a gap analysis report

Step Six

Warranty / Post Warranty, Support maintenance and Remote Support for your staff and equipment

Step Two

Recommend three solutions based on various demands, cost and performance.

Step Five

Documentation and training, transferring over to you the ownership of the system(s).


Step Three

We will listen and understand you and “plan our work / work our plan” in accord with you.

Step Four

Post implementation analysis, closure of snag list, reset monitoring


We like to share some of our success stories

Network Security

Case Study on designing a comprehensive network security, on three layers of control.

Migration Office 365

Small Office migration case study, removing physical server LAN with Office 365

Server Migration

Server upgrade case study, refreshing software and hardware operating platforms.

Network Design

Office network configuration using WAN, LAN and VPN,converting a physical in to a virtual presence.

Wireless Network

School campus_wide Managed Wireless Network design, installation and maintenance.

Hyper_V Virtualisation

Nice project on virtualisation / consolidation using Microsoft HyperV.

Interactive Audio_Video Classroom

Classroom audio,video,interactive teacher-student experience.

Recycling old IT Equipment

Giving a second life to all those old PCs , screens and printers,using a well known recycling company.

Smart Managed Printing

Enabling smarter and monitored copying and printing solution,avoiding wastage and cost effective.

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