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Although we are an IT company, our story is primarily about people, team, relationships and passion. Computers, servers, software and IT equipment are the passion of our team.

We started small, probable like you, working from home and hitting the road most of the time,assuring that our customers are happy and to enable us to continue in difficult times..

So, we know the feelings, the challenges and the pressure of this type of work,your advantage are our solutions tailored to help you focus on the work,customers appointments, traffic, mobile email, your finance side of it.

We promise you in being always at the the of the phone line, providing IT services at standards that exceed your expectations and with a personal touch and dedication.

We will help you to build the vehicle that brings you to your chosen destination and not the one that gives you a lift to the other end of the planet.

We like to make you have a friend that you can stick with, for the long term, as long as you want to.

Thanks and, keep up the good work, as we are as good as the last done job …


Why choose to work with us…

Trust – Commitment – Communication – Simple Language – Cost Effective – Flexibility


We keep our promisses and complete the agreed deals.”Gentleman’s word” is a powerful and rewarding pleasure.


We keep up to date with technology  while being comitted on recomending best solution that fits your current IT culture.

Future proofing

Extending life cycle by quality, IT should become an asset for the business and not a liability.

Simple Language

We have an attitude towards KISS practice and keep all aspects of our work in plain simple english.


Once work completed,we will make sure that we transferred ownership,back in to your own hands.

Cost Effective

We will asses and recomend best solution but always implement your agreed solution.

we can support YOU, So YOU can focus on YOUR business...


Freedom and Benefits of smart work from anywhere

Beside the freedom to command and execute yourself, a major advantage of enabling you to start and run your own business is the evolution of technology. Easy access and cost effective made it easier for you to embrace it and probable, to use it every day.

Major challenge, is the capability and intelligence required in choosing the right technologies that is perfect suited for your business,for your life style,for your needs and requirements.


There is a richness of technology options available out there and each technology is promising fantastic deliverables.

So, which one do you choose !?


We can understand your needs and tailor a solution that will fit your culture,it will enable to grow with you and help competing in the market,with a distinctive advantage.

We will mix the hardware,the software and the human side to create an interconenected system that reacts and works for you and for your customers or vendors any time,anywhere.


We managed to optimally design and implement a solution that behaves as our friend, enabling complete independence,team communication and a proper  chargeable time management.

Hardware,Software,Printing – one shop solution

Part of keeping you connected and protected is adapting to changes. Nothing stands still in business or the IT sector.

We can advise you and listen to you in relation to software and infrastructural changes when necessary that will keep you secure and competitive.

We provide advice and help you streamline your IT purchasing of hardware and software, to ensure that every purchase order adds measurable value to your busines with prices like being paid from our account.


There are no shortages of companies or  online suppliers that are offering best deals for any of the items… We have to look after your expenditure as is from our bank account.


We are more than just our sales,invoices  and margins.
There are no shortages of companies or online shops that are offering best deals for any of the items…

Our service is tailored to provide you with only what you need to ensure your IT systems run smoothly. We do not try to sell you expensive hardware or software you don’t need. We are professionals, and we value our integrity. But the reason we are so good is that we only work with the best and we can explore all the options around, picking what will suit your business needs.


Buying from us is giving you piece of mind that you have the correct working solution, either hardware and/or software, with the back of our expertise in case of issues.

You are going to buy a solution and not a product…

Network, Connectivity, Security

Access to broadband is a basic utility these days, It could be shaped in different options, based on various local and available suppliers, type of connections, prices and “small print” contracts.

We can assess, design and implement any type of networks, wired or wireless and make sure is running at the optimal parameters in accordance with your needs,external supplier services and uncompromissing security for your internal devices,assets and data.



Finding the best deal for your needs is not impossible but you will have to spent your time in shops or online to get quotes and options. You will end up signing with the one that sounds better but not necesarily needed… to keep you online and accessible when wanted.


As a single point of contact for you, we will engage your broadband service provider and work with them as your appointed Technical Consultant to resolve any downtime,speed issues or make sure you are on the appropriate business plan.As we are doing this so often, we know already what’s the best supplier,solution and charges.

We can work on your behalf and order,upgrade, maintain,optimise,create packages for browsing, email, remote access,in the office or on the road.


Already implemented and working for many of our clients, physical links with best local supplier and doubled by a bundled package (phone,mobile and broadband) makes you completely virtually connected anywhere, anytime.

Data Management, Backup & Recovery

Data is a very important tool to engage and share / collaborate with the customers or becomes crucial important when used in relation to suppliers and legal authorities.

Any information created and stored on your business or provate owned IT devices becomes a burden in relation to storage,security,access,backup and data protection.

We understand “the works” of this important and delicate management process. We can implement different tailored solutions that guarantee data access, integrity and availability in order to assist with your working model.


Having any type of records created by sending and / or receiving business related information attracts a legal obligation to properly manage (store,backup,ssecure access,protect and recover) as per current legislation, up to seven years.

Beign under work pressure sometimes,you may mix the personal and business data on various devices,shared by third party or with family members.


We can meet and discuss the working model structure of your day to day activities and routine.

We can design and implement a solution that will separate in a appropriate friendly and secure way the personal data versus business related data.

By using different accounts, different providers and by converting to digital format all and any form of paper based documents, we create a virtual environment that will automate and improve your workflow, based on business policies. Using 2FA, you will be prompted to differentiate the business aspects of that application so that only certain type of data can be saved or accessed via that way.

Creating dedicate business profiles on share devices,restricting local admin privileges, not allowing passwords to be saved and enabling time out / log off idle times have created a better and secure balancce profile.


Using non-shared service providers with individual unique logins and taking advantage of two factors authentication,you will spot which application needs what type of data.

As per recent feedback, by using that email account for personal and other email provider interface for business only, have eliminated possible data compromising, eliminated shared access with family members and enabling backup and recovery mode in case of data loss.

Device Repair & Troubleshooting

We now how much dependency the technology creates on each one of us, as an individual or as a business running owner.




Any device used in a business process or helping you creating that advantage,needs to work when needed and how is needed.


We have trade level services to local team of skilled technicians that can repair or service your desktop computer, smartphone, mobile phone, laptop, tablet or gadget within 24 hours. All repair work comes with 3 months warranty.

We service any devices, either under warranty or not, purchased from third party.


We are committed to provide our customers a quality, reliable service at competitive rates.


Technical Stuff

Cloud Based Business Solution

Doubling the benefit of flexibility,access and control a proper designed and implemented long term Cloud Based Solution will become your best friend,your partner.

Our team can implement Office 365, Google Apps, Dropbox, Sharepoint, SAGE, CRM, just to name few of them, can be easily installed and guaranteed will improve your work flow,boosting business growth and allow a decent time for yourself.

Security / GDPR


Security of data and of IT equipment

Very important to have a well defined data storage and security in place,if you share the desk and / or the IT equipment

We can setup an appropriate policy covering secure and safe devices that will allow you or restrict access if required.


Virtual Private Network allows you to work from anywhere and be connected to office network if required data security and / or external data access.Not lastly,working secure while connecting using public wireless network to access critical business applciations.

Device Care and maintenance


We can assure that your IT equipment stays up to date with latest patches and updates.Your device can be pro-actively monitored for any defects and we will take action on any alerts sent to our health dashboard to deal with  them long before you are  impacted.

We can look after your hardware equipment, even supplied or not from us and repair them in a shortest amount of time, through our partner.



We can organise on your behalf, broadband installation via major suppliers available in your location.

We can install it and make sure is securely working with all your available devices,  either located in the small office at home or on the car, roaming with you.



Multi Function Printers allows you to use it as a small copier at home for printing all needed documents and an enhanced and smart  scanning solution.

You can scan to email and / or to local PC. You can email directly to your  client or to your  partner the hard copy  signed document.

Even more, we can create an eDocument storage for all your receipts, invoices, paper work.

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