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Managed ICT Solutions

Complete hardware and software, projectors and interactive solutions.WiFi networks and mobile devices.


We found that modern schools, being primary or secondary, have in operation a complex ICT infrastructure with many components servicing staff, teachers and pupils. Owning computers, laptops, tablets, internet access and securing access to school’s wireless, cleaning projectors and filters, dealing with user’s accounts and “lost my password”, those ECDL /MOSS weekly software upgrades and Windows Updates in the class hours. Based on past school terms incremental growth, is clear that is becoming more difficult to keep them running while taking care of planning and implementing for the next year / future classes down the line.

We will like to introduce to you as a group of professionals offering business level IT Support services across all sectors of educational institution around the country, purely adhering to the PDST high practice standards.


Over the past 20 years of working directly with teachers, we have built up valuable technical and communication skills, that gave us the flexibility to understand each and every type of problem, regardless of its level of difficulty and the user having the troubles.  We can “friendly integrate” with your current setup and mitigate the challenges, leaving to us all the “back of the computer” work, while you can focus in developing and enhancing teachers and pupil’s relation, with the additional side support of the modern ICT tools.  

We will design a preventative maintenance tailored on your needs, cost effective and efficient, as per regulatory standards and, with a single point of contact for all your ICT requirements, we can advise- procure-install-maintain all the Microsoft software, computer and printing hardware, portable / mobile tablets and interactive audio – video devices, all specifications as per framework’s tendering terms and conditions.

If you require a quotation for any piece of equipment or just an independent trustworthy advice, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to listen to you, design and quote a solution that will satisfy your IT requirements.

We are Garda Vetting approved, we are flexible and will respect your choice to communicate with us through the environment that fits you better: by phone, by email, by remote or by calling at the desk, in your class. 


Please give us a call today, if you feel that we can work together

with your staff and with your teachers,

not lastly, with yourself.

Hardware,Software,Printing Solutions

As a single point of contact for all your ICT needs, we have secured access to a rich list of local suppliers and providers for best cost effective implementation,allowing you as a teacher, to use technology as an additional tool in tomorrow’s classroom.

We offer vendor independent solutions and all equipment purchased from us is guaranteed to meet the latest approved framework issued by Department. 


Hardware Devices

We can supply all the hardware necessary for running in optimal conditions the classrooms, computer rooms, administration offices and other support departments in any school, any size, any budgets.

If you like to get a quotation for any piece of equipment,please give us a call and we will be more than happy to listen to you, design and quote a solution that satisfy your requirements.

Microsoft Software

We can offer a solution for whole school staff, teachers and students enabling access to latest version of Microsoft titles,taking advantages of existing range of subscription agreements offered by Microsoft,directly to you,as a school.

Not only you benefit of campus wide coverage, licensing and latest versions but it will be a “made deal” with the most cost effective options available in the market.

Classrooms Solutions

Based on our “hands on ” direct exposure, we understand how a class room operates.

We will listen to your teachers and design and implement a solution using technology as a tool to seamlessly integrate between teacher adn students…

Either be PCs, tablets, smart projectors and interactive smartboards, Tablet_to_Projector,Student PCs remote monitoring software.

Managed printing solutions

 We are aware that todays schools are hardly trying to move from hardcopy paper based work to electronic format with mailshots dn ebooks . video presentations.

By analising curent printing and photocopying routines,we can design and implements a different approach that wil reduce the wastage and minimise the cost without afefcting staff day by day operations adn / or implementing drastic cuts adn quote or reductions .

We have saved our schools a huge amount of operational budget allocated to copiers and printing.We are partners with copier suppliers that can supply, purchase or lease BW or colour machines at the best market price for “charge per click”.

We can install the copier on the network,setup personal private accounts,configure each classroom,computer staff with their own codes so everyone involved in the change will benefit from an improved printing service.We will continue to monitor and proactively monitor the supplied printers and copiers so you don’t have to worry about any troubles or issues with them.

If you like to get a quotation for a healthier printing environament, give us a call and we will be more than happy to listen to you, design and quote a solution that once implemented, it will exceed  your requirements.

Managed Wireless Networks and Mobile Devices

We have designed and installed many wireless networks,according to industry best practice and following close the PDST framework.

We can manage the wireless network beside the current local network, we can liaise on your behalf with main supplier of the mobile tablets to assure a single point of contact for all the challenges raised by hardware,software,teachers or students.

Supply and Install wireless networks

Base don bets industry practice and latest framework recomendations,we will clal in your school and conduct a full review of the internal and external network.

A full recomendations report will be created and discussed with yourself in order to agree on best solution that fits your school,staff,usage and budget.

We can supply and install full solution from wiring new network data points,trunking up to installing wall or ceilling acces spoints and all the magic work happening in the dark server comms cabinet room.

Once finished,we can sit down with you and transfer ownership of the networks and train your staff in using the new dashboard in order to check the wireless network and devices connectivity,permissions and overall health. There are no ongoing charges for any of our wireless solutions.

Supply and Install smart mobile devices

Part of the new eTeaching strategy involves mobile devices and the challenging and difficult choise of which platform to go for…

While we are not teachers, but we can analyse your requirements,share with you the experience of other of our schools and let you decide which device and / or platform works best for your students and for your teachers.

We can liaise with major suppliers,such as Wriggle and be the technical support for any technical issues arised by your users.

Independent Advice on eTeaching

We can work with your ICT Coordinator and / or ICT team in the school and share the exposure that we have with our other schools environment.

We can relate to other teachers feedback or which have same challenges and together, peer to peer ,we can create a learning healthy sharing environment.

We can setup and / or migrate your IT culture over to cloud based teaching solutions in full colalboration with your teachers and staff.

Complete Audio Video Teaching Experience

As a single point of contact for all your ICT needs, we have secured access to a rich list of local suppliers and providers for best cost effective implementation.

We can send you a proposal that covers supply, installation of new / removal of old equipment audio video controllers for a fully modern interactive audio video classroom . We can sit down with teachers and introduce them to newer systems.We can adapt it to suit any challenging and individual learning scenarios.

Projectors in classrooms

We know that no class can be without the visual advantage of a projector.

Either a slides presentation to demonstrate the point of the lesson,or a movie to double the learning effect for the subject taught that day or, just a cartoon movie to calm down the spirits of young minds, a projector will become invaluable tool for any teacher.

We have installed for the past few years Epson educational approved range of projectors,any format or size.

We can remove the older system, fit / adjust brackets and units so that it will work perfectly alligned corner to corner with existing screen or smart board format.

Interactive Smartboards

We understand the importance of collaborating and interaction with the very rich online content for our studentsm doubled by the interactive smartboards.

We can supply latest hardware and software solutions under the SmartTech brand at the most cost effective for educational market.

We can organise installation and post-sales support.

Audio Video Solutions

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Consumable and parts

We can supply you with original or compatible projector lamps, compatible audio video equipment that will extend the life of existing units beyond warranty, until it becomes so blur to be seen that it really needs to be replaced.

Preventative Maintenance Support

We know the challenges of running a network of users that needs all the available resources today.

We know that despite your best efforts and job description, you are trying your best in dealing with cabling and mouse,sound and video troubles in classrooms while logging that call with external provider.

We can share the burden with you, becoming your “hands-on” side and deal with all the calls from any users while you can focus on planning for next … your headache and troubles becomes our. And because we have a greater exposure to deal and to resolve them, we can do it more efficient than you…

Preventative pro_active Support

We are workign with a good number of schools and provide support for all the ICT infrastructure.

Either computers,laptops,wired or wireless networks,printers or colour copiers,phone systems or card access control systems…we have looked adn doen all of them.We can take it from there and make sure they work fine and with minimum downtime.

We can work at 7am to make sure its fixed before class starts or we can be there at 8pm when no ne is there. We can be in the school doing summer works and prepping checks for September returns.

All this can be yours for a guaranteed Service Level Agremment,for a call out charge or for a fixed agreed monthly school term amount.

If you like to get a quotation for a personal IT services, give us a call and we will be more than happy to listen to you, design and quote a support maintenance plan that once implemented, it will reduce all the unhappy events to a minimum.

Support call_out

There is always a possibility that the internal IT teacher or ICT coordinator enjoys keeping their eyes over the IT running in the school.

We are happy to work this way, we are flexible and share together with them and do agreed or scheduled call outs and work to resolve the list given to us by them.

We can agree a pro-rata call out charge and we will do our best effort for an efficient work to keep your budget and out time under a visible control.

Independent Consultancy

We had requests to call in the school and do a complete review of the IT setup. To reduce any risks of conflicting with existing provider,we can maintain a colaborative environment and produce a solid report that can be forwarded to IT teacher or School Principal for analysis.

There is no comitment to apply our recomendations and / or pay for our services, just a third party review, assesment and a different perspective on the current infrastructure.

Data Management, Backup, & Recovery

Data is a very important tool to engage and share / collaborate with the students or becomes crucial important when used on the private network between admin staff and / or teachers.

Any information created and stored on your school IT devices becomes a burden in relation to storage,security,access,backup and data protection.

As each school is unique as per internal data culture while all the schools have to comply with Department guidelines and GDPR regulations, we are more than happy to listen to you, design and quote a data maintenance plan that once implemented, it will reduce all the unplanned events to a minimum.

Data access policies, security access profiles for students and for staff, sharing data on server, roaming profiles, personal or private printing, cloud based personal or school owned storage locations,separating and controlling internet access, backup data retention and location, all above can be dealt within the best industry practice, by our team.

Managed Backup Services

We all know how important is the output of our work, the big data.

We use latest technology when it comes to handling data integrity and availability. We can implement  proactive agents that can raise red flags and email alerts in the event of  compromised reliability and stability of the data.

We can supply a managed backup solution,as per internal source and storage location and,even better,replicating your internal data in to a cloud located in EU datacentre for safe offsite keeping.

Even if is saved in the cloud or locally on the desktop or even better on the school network server shared drives, it needs to be guaranteed access and integrity.

Managed Security Solutions,Encryption

Most of the schoole these days can have two separate internet connections. The staff access will be on a unfiltered broadband network, having a major risk of becoming the source of infection with malware of all the internal resources.

We can understand how the staff/students,networks and computers are interconnected and advise you with most effective solution for your school.

We can design and implement a managed endpoint antivirus internet security that can mitigate the risks of  a normal user behaviour.

For users that needs to work outside the school campus on mobile devices,we will provide a managed full drive encryption that will reduce to zero any risks associated with data loss,as per GDPR compliance.

Disposal / Green Recycling of old ICT Equipment

We can help you to maintain the Green school flag award …

Upon calling in your school,we can assess the equipment to determine what can be kept and reused or what can be disposed. We can sort it and safely and secure destroy it for you.

We are in contact with a local recycling compnay that will collect any type of devices with a plug, free of charge, from the door of your school.

What is a virtual learning environment?

A school virtual learning environment in the context of a schools website is an online solution that not only aids in the children classroom learning experience but extends as a tool for teachers to help planning lessons and for the school to keep the parents updated. A central system, where information about the school, events, classes, clubs and topics can be seen and shared amongst the school community. A place where teachers can post lesson plans, reference material and resources that the children can access both in the classroom and at home. The VLE allows parents to see the progress of their child and provides as a means of clear communication between themselves and the school.


What does VLE mean for teachers?

Essentially for teachers, the VLE allows them to publish information regarding students and subjects they teach. A teacher can post lesson plans and share them with their colleagues. They can upload class notes, reference material regarding certain topics that can then be used to aid the learning experience of the children in the class room. This can then double up as additional support for the children as they have access to this information whether they are at school or at home. Teachers can use the virtual learning environment to post pupils grades and reports as well as other private communications. Information like this can be shared privately to specific people: students, parents and teachers for example.

This school solution can also be used to take class registration and since this is a central system, parents and senior members of staff within the school can track punctuality and truancy. School reports can be displayed through the VLE and provide a historical view, allowing everyone involved with the school community to see the progress of both the school and its pupils. Overall this is a learning tool beneficial to all parties.


How Can a VLE keep parents informed?

The VLE has the ability to allow school staff to post information regarding the school and its pupils on a daily basis, this provides a clear line of communication with the parents. Along with this the system provides a place for parents to logon to see information specific to their child. This has two advantages; firstly parents do not have to filter through irrelevant class information which does not relate to their child but more importantly other children’s information is protected. A parent will be able to see their childs grades, whether their child has homework that needs to be handed in or whether the school require them to sign a consent form for an upcoming school trip. Information regarding grades and exam results, school notices will also be available to the parents.

Not only can the parents use the system to acquire information from the school but they can use the VLE to keep the school updated. Parents can inform the school that their child may be off sick, request and submit a holiday form for their child. The virtual learning environment also allows parents to view the school dinner menu and pay for their child’s meals in advance as well as allowing them to pay for other things like school trips. Parents can additionally arrange appointments with the school and book time slots for parents evening etc. This method of communication through one central system ensures that both the parents and schools are constantly and instantly kept up to date.


Doing it for the kids

The above is great, but how does this help with the education of the children and how does it improve the process? As briefly highlighted before, children will have access to information loaded by the teachers both in and out of the classroom. Lesson information, references, tests and homework can be accessed from anywhere. Children can also submit their homework through the virtual learning environment and see any relevant feedback/notes from their teachers. Children will also be able to see any relevant information about their classes/clubs they may attend, whether there are any up-coming competitions for clubs they are involved in or a list of ingredients they may need for their cooking class. Pupils may wish to take part in extra curriculum activities, using the system the school children will be updated with these types of events and can submit an interest. Additionally pupils can report bullying anonymously.


Why chose us to work with you,for you !?


Most of our school sare enjoying the dual broadband links setup,one for staff other for students

Main internet access provided by PDST,which is routed for students and wireless networks,secure and filtered content.

Second broadband line,private and paid by the school,dedicated to staff with no restrictions or content filters.

Virtual Learning Solutions

We can work with you to desig,implement and support various virtual learning environments, either Office 365, Google Clasrooms,Aladdin,VSware or Eportal.

We are not teachers but we can assist you with all the technicality you’ll ever need in your teaching experience,interactivity with staff and with the students.

Wireless Networks

We are in position to design ,supply and maintain any wireless networks topology.

We have setup wifi networks in a way that is isolated physical and logical from the main staff / admin networks and it has access to internet via PDST supplied broadband.

Each class has a local WAP for dynamic capacity,guaranteed coverage and minimum exposure.


We highly advise to backup your backup.

Having  a local server or storage device, we can keep an eye on the backup and make sure that your data is there when you need and in correct format you need it.

We are using a cloud based solution that takes the local backup and keep it safe and secure offsite.


Audio Video

We have “hands on “experience on any type of projectors, audio video systems, interactive smartboards.

Part of our contract is to clean filters on projector every 3 months,assuring a long life for the lamp.

We can work with you to replace,install,maintain any of the basic and critical elements of tools used by teachers on a daily basis.


Having dual internet access, we highyl advise to install a proper managed Internet Security solution on admin / staff devices.

We can provide ESET Advanced Internet Security and manage any devices with a well designed policy to cover most of the external threats while keeping the balance between security and usability. Laptop encryption is our speciality,if required…

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