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The Challenge

Every person will need to convert an electronic format document in to some sort of hard copy, paper based format.

Either inkjet, laser printers or a multifunction copier,we can assist you in finding the best solution that works with your current setup,making sure all users have the necessary tools to do their job while keeping an eye on the overall cost of paper and consumable.

We listened

We call and listened to our client,took all details with an emphasis on the friendly usage constraints,without talking any “techie talk” at all.

We found numerous color printers installed around the school campus, some of them with a quite impresive mini tower of printed paper beside the unit. All users were able to print,no restrictions,no accountability and open access for everyone to retrieve the output printed by all users,in a random series of pages.

Design stage

We consulted with our vendors,we checked online other case studies and determined best course of action to be recommended.

We tried to design a solution,as follows:

  • it fitted the end user’s culture;
  • matched current network;
  • analised internal and external solutions;
  • having a two device solution that will reduce waiting time if one breaks down;
  • direct printing,from each user’s profile and workstation,class,office;
  • easy,secure,private retrieval of the hard copy print out of the pages;
  • manage the output demanded versus required of colour versus black and white printing;
  • have a minimalist system for logging,tracking,accounting;
  • automated logging and alerts in event of low toner or for potential hardware servicing .
Implementation stage

We recommend replacing the existing printers with a leased copiers,one colour based in the main office and two black and white located in easy accessible locations around the building.

  • We removed the printers and installed the copiers on the network.
  • Setup with direct printing from each staff memebr computer profile.
  • Each user on the network with access to a computer have been given an unique and private printing code to be used for printing,scanning and copying.
  • A quota have been configured so that when reached a message will be sent and reset it,as required.
  • No prompting from the staff computers to enter the code at the moment of submitting the document to copier.
  • The printing of the document required that the user will have to be present in front of the copier to login,authenticate,select that needed now document also th enumber of copies needed and only then,to have the physical hard copy printed.
  • Any issues with the copier, such as hardware will be directed to service leasing compnay,any software / network related alerts will have been dealt with our support team. No crossing support phone calls o remails between copier guys and the IT guy for our comon  users.


Feedback / snag list

We managed to do the migration with minimum downtime and all setup done in background, each staff had a short intro on how to use the copier new functions. A small issue arise when copy and scan, selecting the number of pages to be printed versus one print and copy many pages.

There were snags with the copier code but once the users begin using the their own chosen codes,all worked fine.We had a site where we allocated the codes,creating an additional load / password /code to be remembered so,on a follow-up call out,we discovered  that everyone had their codes listed on the wall, behind the copier.

Closure /Training / Documentation

We printed a “how-to” laminated documentation and attach it on the top of the copier area room.

A full list of codes,logins and storage boxes have been given over to internal IT team.

Posters attached to side of the copiers advising users who to contact or how to run basic troubleshoting.

Leasing copier company supplier did their basic training with few staff members on how to remove the paper blockage and we commonly agreed to work together, based on the errors generated by the copiers. We made sure we have a backup of the copier firmware with the customised setup,just in case.




That particular type of copier had the functionality to email alerts,logs and reports over to support company.

Based on the email content,we could act pro-active and sort out the possible incident long before the end users be made aware.

Hardware Components

We have a service level agreement with one of the local suppliers of copiers. We can install a range of copiers manufactured by Konica,Olivetti,OKI or Xerox.

We can recommend HP printers and can supply and install  any type of small printer for a small office desk or a multifunction printer for a networked office.

Software Elements

There not too much to mentions software_ise here…

All printers are being supportd by Windows Operating systems, ran by most of our clients computers. We can setup so that you can scan to a locally based server,email the scanned documents and / or fax it,if needed so.



Overall Result Outcome

  • Time taken
  • Increased uptime for printing devices
  • Staff confidence and awareness
  • Saving achieved on consumable

Your Questions Answered by Our Team

Device selection

How good is a brand versus another brand in relation to reliability,features and functionality ,charges for consumables and serviceable parts. How do we service the units and how to organise backup / replacements ?

Performance and Functionality

Do i need colour or black and white ? Do i need to have duplex functionality ,multiple tray outputs for letters or envelopes ? Can it run duplex printing and scanning ? Can it do A3 and A4, what type of paper and what speed is the first page out ?


Inkjet versus Laserjet

The two standards have  better speeds (faster for laserjets) versus quality (better for photo on inkjets)  versus cost (cheaper on lasers per page) ? While aware of each choice is subjected to local user(s) needs and the required type of outputs,we can help you decide.

Feedback after using it

How much is the charge per click and how much is the maintenance  support ? How much is the toner for 5000 pages, the drum,the imaging kit ? Sure that the quoted copier fits our current printing demands today, but what about over few years ?

We can help you make an educated choice

We can assist you in taking the most educated decision if you are in the market for an optimised printing solution.

Give us a call and we can listen to you and design a printing environment that suits your IT culture, increase workflow and reduce cost and waste.

Define MFP devices

 A Multi Function Printer will allow you to print,scan,copy and fax any document in an appropiate format. A basic printer will have only printing functionality.

Colour vs Black and white

 We can advise to get for day to day usage a smart black and white printer and use colour printers only when necessary for certain type of work and with some sort of accountability or restrictions in place.

Inkjet versus Laserjet Fight

 The two standards have each one its own plus or minus.Speed (faster for laserjets) versus quality (better for photo on inkjets) versus cost (cheaper on lasers per page),each choice is subjected to local user(s) needs and the required type of outputs.

 Feedback after 12 months of using it

 We found that a small office desk based printer can do the job for a small office.A bigher MFP printer can accomodate a medium sized workgroup with the most appropiate cost effective and level of service

Due to high risk of compromising client identity and following GDPR regulations,we are not in position to reproduce, share, post or comment any of the work related information. If you need further information or references for the above project, please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements. Thanks.

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